Install Locally

Hearth (FHIR Server) Installation

Make sure mongo 3.6 or above is installed and running before proceeding with below instructions
git clone
cd hearth
npm install

Open the config file located under config/default.json and disable authentication by setting authentication type to disabled i.e “authentication”: { “type”: “disabled”}

Start hearth

npm run dev:start


Download the repo.

git clone
cd facility-recon/facility-recon-backend
npm install

Install and run Redis

tar xvzf redis-stable.tar.gz
cd redis-stable

Run the backend

cd ~/facility-recon/facility-recon-backend
node lib/index.js


cd facility-recon/facility-recon-gui
npm install
npm run build

DHIS2 App (Optional)

Note that the DHIS2 app is not required for running the tool as it can be run standalone from the GUI.
  • Copy the frontend build contents from facility-recon/facility-recon-gui/dist into facility-recon/dhis2App/ and then zip the content of of dhis2App
cp -r facility-recon/facility-recon-gui/dist/* facility-reco/dhis2App/
cd facility-recon/dhis2App
zip ./*

Login to DHIS2 and install the zipped file (